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Wood is the growth of life such as a trees, plants, grass, and actually, all of life such as birds, bees and butterflies. Wood is considered strong but flexible. It is warm and natural in its personality. Wood affects light by creating shade to cool down the afternoon sun. It can also provide privacy and beauty.


• Trees

Willow Farm Landscaping uses the Wood element in the form of trees to shade areas that have too much sun. Trees also act as natural barriers to create privacy as well as interesting focal points. Trees can become the canopy to a secluded area enveloping a beautiful patio or garden for a small hideaway in your yard.


• Shrubs

Shrubs can provide privacy and enclosure with the proper design. Shrubs can also add natural beauty to blank walls or boring foundations. They can also guide your eye to follow a flow in a design to enhance the natural beauty of an area.


• Flowers

Flowers give us an abundance of beautiful, rich colors and sweet, intoxicating scents. We love the use of flowers as it is the "cherry on top of the sundae" when it comes to landscape design. Flowers become the ultimate focal point of almost any setting in a landscape. They also attract butterflies, dragonflies and other beautiful forms of life. Willow Farm Landscape can provide you with the proper selection of flowers for your  environment and preferences.


• Lawns

Lawns will cool down the outdoors in summer and absorb storm water to return it to our lakes and rivers. A lush green lawn will give us breathing room in the outdoors to play or relax while it gives our landscape a natural touch of beauty. A beautiful lawn is the outdoor carpeting to your landscape design.


• Butterfly and Hummingbird Gardens

Have you ever met a person who did not find fascination with butterflies or hummingbirds? Many of us love to see them in their natural habitat. We connect to nature through them. Willow Farm Landscape can design a garden to attract these wonderful creatures naturally by selecting the proper plants, birdbaths and birdhouses. Our only warning to you is that you will spend hour after hour enjoying these beautiful gardens and their little visitors!

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