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Water is a soft, fluid element with an emotion of calmness. Water is absolutely essential for life. It runs off our roofs and onto our yards. It gives life to the grass, flowers and trees with its minerals. It keeps us cool in the summer. However, too much water can be as destructive as too little. We can’t stop or start the rain and snow, but we can direct and channel the water from it to be useful and non-destructive. The element of water can also be seen in many of our designs that have a continuous, flowing design involving many other elements as well.


• Water Gardens

Water gardens are a natural draw for people in warm weather. They also attract birds and dragonflies and allow us to cultivate unusual plants in a controlled environment. Waterfalls and fountains can camouflage distracting noise from places beyond. Water gardens offer a tranquility that cannot be found anywhere else.


• Rain Gardens

When there is too much rainwater, rain gardens can channel storm water away from our walks, driveways and basements. The water can be  properly directed to return to the ground where it belongs (after watering plants), rather than into our streets and storm sewers or flooding the basements of our homes.


• Water Sprinklers

Sprinkler systems keep our lawns green, and provide necessary water to plants when the rain is temporarily insufficient. The sprinkler systems should be properly designed to conserve water, and allow for easy maintenance. Willow Farm Landscaping can provide maintenance and service to keep your water sprinklers working properly and efficiently.

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