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Metal represents the minerals of the earth. It is a strong, firm and rigid element that is generally unyielding. Minerals are converted to stone after transformation by fire. With stone, we can create beautiful designs that organically fit into the environment and last a lifetime.


Willow Farm Landscaping uses the element of metal, through the use of the mineral stone, in many of their designs. It provides a strong unyielding platform different than the earth element that is malleable. Stone is timeless and never goes out of fashion. It is weather-proof and does not need to be brought in before winter nor shielded from the sun in the summer.


Over time, the stone slowly and imperceptibly join with rain waters to re-integrate  themselves back into the earth. These hard inorganic elements infuse the waters of life with minerals to allow the plants we depend on for food, clothing, shelter, art and beauty to grow and regulate themselves. It all goes back to the beginning.


• Patios

The best patios are made with stone. Patios serve as outdoor rooms to our houses. They must be large enough to meet our socializing needs for seating and/or cooking on a barbecue and placed in an area that takes advantage of the natural environment. The patio also needs to be coordinated with house doors and steps to create a natural pathway that is efficient and graceful.


• Stone Walls

Stone Walls are beautiful works of art. A stone wall can last a lifetime and provide a wonderful way to delineate property and provide a visual break in landscape for the eye to follow. Stone walls can direct foot traffic, hold back the earth, separate areas of land and provide natural timeless beauty.


• General Stone Work

Willow Farm Landscaping uses stone in much of their work. It is hard to ignore stone in New England. From steps to pathways to patios, stone is a durable timeless element that will survive all types or weather. It is maintenance free and has a solid, grounded feel to it that lasts almost forever. If you have a special stonework project, we would love to discuss it with you.

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