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Fire is a strong energetic element. With fire, we  receive heat and light. In this element, we include the sun, shade effects, fire pits and other lighting effects, natural and man-made.


We need light to see in order to function and enjoy our surroundings. Our eyes are incredibly adaptive but too little light, especially at night, may be dangerous when walking down a steep pathway. Too much light can discomfort us or overwhelm us such as a misplaced flood light that stares into a cozy seating area.


• Sunlight

We all love sunlight! Sunlight brings life. A warm sunny day with a gentle breeze is always an invitation to sit outside. The sun is invigorating and a necessary part of our life for good health. With the proper design, Willow Farm Landscaping can create an outdoor retreat for you to enjoy the warmth of the sun in a natural setting with shade areas to balance the design. Shade trees, plantings and maybe a pergola can transform your yard into a perpetual vacationland.


• Artificial Light

When the sun has gone down and the buzz of the day has waned, there is the stillness of the evening that is enjoyable. At the same time, a proper light here and there would add to the richness of the night. It allows us to continue to use and enjoy the outdoor space when many people have retreated inside to their homes. Artificial light can illuminate the landscape in subtle beautiful ways when properly designed. It can also provide safety and security without being intrusive. Willow Farm Landscaping offers low voltage outdoor lighting as a cost effective investment to supplement your landscape.


• Fire Pits

There is a certain fascination to a fire pit with a warm burning fire as a focal point to any social gathering. Fire pits with their dancing flames and snapping crackling sounds provide a natural entertainment in the dark outdoors. Fire gives us warmth to extend the time we can spend outdoors on chilly nights. It also gives us light to enjoy the company of friends and family after the sun has gone down on moonless nights. Adding a fire pit will provide a nice focal point and enhance the landscape in any yard. Just be sure to have plenty of  marshmallows on hand.

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