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The Earth is a centered, balanced and stable element. Earth is the foundation for all other elements and designs. With the earth, we can create height and depth. We can build on the earth and employ all the other elements using earth as the hub to bind them all together. We can shape it, cut it, build it and dig it. It is malleable yet provides stability under foot.  The Earth is an important element with walkways, retaining walls and patios.


• Enclosures

By manipulating the earth, we can maximize space in an otherwise unusable area to create a comfortable enclave. By using the flow of the earth, we can contain it with other elements to create our designs to reach our desired goals.


• Walkways

When Willow Farms Landscaping designs a walkway, we must take the earth into serious consideration. It needs to provide the foundation for any path or steps especially if the path is steep and uneven. The earth may need to support heavy stones for footsteps or be carved into shapes that will sustain heavy loads indefinitely. Steps and walkways guide us safely through our property. They should be placed for easy navigation and constructed to avoid puddling and ice buildup.


• Patios

Patios serve as outdoor rooms to our houses. They must be large enough to meet our socializing needs for seating and/or cooking on a barbecue. Patios should be placed in an area that takes advantage of the natural environment. It also needs to be coordinated with house doors and steps to create a natural pathway that is efficient and graceful.

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